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    ECA Aerosol

    Anolyte ANK aerosol is a comprehensive aerosol disinfection technology using ANK anolyte produced by STEL devices of the latest generation as disinfectant produced by MAG aerosol generators.

    High-efficiency anolyte ANK is generated by means of:

    • The latest generation STEL-ANK-SUPER devices for obtaining anolyte ANK SUPER* - high-efficiency non-toxic disinfectant without ballast substances.
      * The latest generation STEL devices - STEL-ANK-SUPER – have been developed by Vitold Bakhir Institute.
    • MAG aerosol generators.**
      ** MAG generators have been developed by Department of Water Supply, Sewage and Hydraulics of Petersburg State Transport University and ‘ECA-MAG’ CJSC.

    Anolyte ANK aerosol disinfectant produced by STEL devices and generated by MAG aerosol generators is patented and listed in the State register of disinfectants permitted for use in the Russian Federation.

    Types of MAG aerosol generators used for different facilities depending on the method of introduction of anolyte ANK aerosol

    Aerosol generators MAG-1 MAG-2
    Facilities where aerosol disinfectant can be applied Linear facilities: Volumetric facilities:
    pipelines, air ducts, wells, product pipelines, air conditioning and ventilation systems, garbage chutes, etc. rooms, clean water reservoirs, water towers, tanks, vessels, holds, sheds, storage facilities, vegetable stores, etc.

    Scope of application:

    • disinfection of surfaces and equipment at large-size facilities;
    • air disinfection;
    • disinfection of air ducts, ventilation systems;
    • disinfection of large-size facilities and high-traffic areas, like train stations, in presence of humans;
    • disinfection of air in presence of humans at facilities with high infection rates, such as sewage treatment plants;
    • disinfection of pipelines, water ducts of any length;
    • disinfection of storage tanks for water, any liquid or substance, oil carriers, tank vessels, etc., leaving no traces, toxicity or infection;
    • disinfection of garbage chutes, wells;
    • disinfection of storage facilities, product containing vegetable stores;
    • disinfection of water towers;
    • disinfection of buildings under construction using various forms of anolyte ANK SUPER at all stages of construction to insure total absence of pathogenic flora at healthcare facilities (hospitals, medical centers, etc.).

    Advantages of aerosol disinfection technology using anolyte ANK:

    • high antimicrobial activity of anolyte ANK aerosol reaching all hardly accessible surfaces in rooms, ventilation systems, air ducts, etc.;
    • disinfection of both air and surface in rooms of any size and layout;
    • the size of anolyte ANK aerosol particles dispersed by means of MAG centrifugal aerosol generators is selected for optimal antimicrobial action on pathogens including viruses;
    • considerable saving of disinfectant along with complete coverage of surfaces and volume;
    • safe usage of anolyte ANK aerosol in presence of humans and animals;
    • efficient disinfection of the environment in the open air and in the building;
    • no need to rinse and wash out anolyte ANK after disinfection due to the absence of traces and ballast substances in the latest generation anolyte ANK (anolyte ANK SUPER);
    • no corrosive action of anolyte ANK on surfaces and facilities if the latest generation anolyte ANK SUPER is used.

    Anolyte ANK aerosol disinfectant ensures bacterial cleanliness of rooms and facilities of any type which is extremely important for medical and healthcare facilities.

    Maintaining proper sanitary and epidemiological standards by use of anolyte ANK aerosol disinfection technology can help to prevent hospital infection disseminated through ventilation holes, and, as a consequence, to considerably reduce the number of postoperative sequela and complications, as well as reduce the period of patients’ postoperative recovery and, consequently, cut the cost of medicines and hospital stay.

    Timely and regular sanitary and epidemiological measures taken at any enterprise by use of anolyte ANK aerosol permit to avoid dissemination of bacterial, viral and fungal infection and eliminate nidus of infection which is important for the personnel healthcare as well as healthy growth of livestock and mortality prevention at cattle and poultry farms and plants.

    Application of anolyte ANK aerosol disinfection technology ensures rapid and environmentally safe elimination of biodeterioration of buildings and nidus of infection, and maintenance of favourable epidemiological situation, as well as reduction of risk of hospital infection dissemination at medical and healthcare facilities, and reduction of costs of epidemic countermeasures.