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Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies Institute unites efforts of highly qualified specialists and experts in the field of development and promotion of electrochemical activation technology - a new scientific and technical direction created by Vitold Bakhir, provides author's control, qualified scientific and technical management and coordination of works on creation and wide introduction of electrochemical technologies and systems integrated into various technological processes in industry, agriculture, medicine and other areas of human activity.

The main activities of the Institute are related to the development of technical electrochemical systems and production and practical use of metastable substances synthesized at the site of application from ordinary water or aqueous solutions of salts in special technical electrochemical systems based on modular, compact, flow-through diaphragm electrochemical reactors - MB elements (Bakhir module).


R&D; design, development, production of ECA-systems; solution of technological problems at enterprises of any industry; consultations, information and scientific and technical support.



Technologies of application of electrochemically activated solutions in medicine, water treatment, housing and communal services, agriculture, various industries.



Electrochemical devices AQUATRON models of STEL, AQUACHLOR, ECOCHLOR, IZUMRUD, OXITRON; electrochemical elements MB - Bakhir modules.



Information on electrochemical activation, electrochemically activated solutions, electrolyzers; terms; publications.


The Institute is the ideological and scientific and technical center of the companies registered in the Institute's REGISTER and forming the association of enterprises "Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies".

The Institute has design and technological documentation, production secrets and application features of electrochemical systems presented in more than 500 titles of protection of Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, China, and other countries. All the mentioned inventions are connected with the scientific and technical direction – electrochemical activation (ECA).

We participate in the exhibition "ECWATECH-2020" in Crocus Expo from September 8 to 10, 2020. Come!

04 Августа 2020

We invite you to visit our stand 8F8.8 at the 14th International exhibition ECWATECH-2020 "Water: ecology and technology". The Vitold Bakhir Institute will present modern electrochemical technologies and devices AQUACHLOR, STEL, IZUMRUD,


Scientific-technical review of anolytes "Anolyte ANK SUPER. Path of improvement" is published

03 Июня 2020

Scientific and technical review of authors Vitold Bakhir, Vladimir Prilutsky, Svetlana Panicheva, Vadim Panichev "Anolyte ANK SUPER. Path of improvement", Moscow, 2020, is published. The review provides a detailed description of the main stages of the long-term work of one of the directions of electrochemical activation associated with electrochemical devices for the production of disinfecting, washing and sterilizing solutions - anolytes, including Anolyte ANK SUPER - a modern disinfectant produced by STEL-ANK-SUPER devices, and review also presents the scientific basis of electrochemically activated solutions for medicine.


Anolyte (hypochlorous acid) is included in the list of recommended disinfectants effective against coronavirus.

16 Марта 2020

In the "Recommendations for the Chief doctor in preparing a hospital for COVID-19" from the Information Center for monitoring the situation with coronavirus, the Government of Moscow and the Government of the Russian Federation, Anolyte (hypochlorous acid) is recommended for preparing a hospital for COVID-19 and for use in the fight against coronavirus infection.