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Carrying out of constant work:

Constant informational, scientific and technical and technological support of the companies - members of the Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies Association, entered in the Register of the Institute and skilfully representing the technology of electrochemical activation in a certain territory or in a certain field of activity. How to become a representative of the Institute?

Carrying out of single work:

  • Rendering of consultation service at contract basis of improving of product quality or technology under usage of original electrochemical systems and technologies as applied to a concrete production (for more details see the page “ECA systems” and “Technologies”);
  • Carrying out at contract basis of research efforts, development projects and R&D to develop  innovation technology or product with usage of technology of electrochemical activation;
  • Designing, development, production and author’s support of installation, setting up and exploitation of laboratory, pilot and industrial electrochemical equipment of various capacity for different purposes at places;
  • Solving of technological problems of factories of any industries at contract basis including providing with the needed sanitary-epidemiologic situation, CIP washing, water disinfection, air disinfection, safe and nontoxic disinfection of foodstuffs (both food raw materials and food products), increase of shelf life of any food production, etc..
  • Organization of masterclasses and lections on solving of actual problems for factories and works in any industries, agriculture and medicine.

Informational and analytical and consultation services:

  • Technical and economic assessment of known electrochemical systems and technologies.
  • Technical and economic assessment of effectiveness of application of electrochemically activated solutions and water in any fields of industry, agriculture, medicine, military science.
  • Choice of optimal technological schemes of production and application of electrochemically activated solutions for different technological processes at a basis of analytical estimate and substantiation by comparative analysis.
  • Preparation of analytical references, reviews, reports on electrochemical technique and technologies.
  • Consultation on questions of patent branch and support in writing of industrial patents.