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    Other devices

    Supplied EXCLUSIVELY as a part of R&D activities. Necessary devices to carry out R&D are selected exclusively by the Institute.

    A brief list of experimental and pilot devices of ECA technology of different development stages developed and produced by scientists and specialists of Vitold Bakhir Institute

    Unique electrochemical devices have been developed by Vitold M. Bakhir and are supplied by Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies Institute as experimental and pilot samples of various capacity as a part of R&D activities.

    1. ECATRON is a family of devices for agriculture and industry. Among the main areas of application of these devices are deacidification of milk, production of preserving agent for green fodder (silage), generation of solution for straw saccharification and hydrolysis of plant raw material (for food industry), synthesis of initial solutions for preparation of cutting fluids for machining. Devices production rates vary from 250 to 1000 l/h; specific power consumption: 0.5 to 5 kW•h/m³.
    2. ELECTROAQUASOFT is a device for softening of natural water prior to its use in heat exchangers. One module production rate: 1000 l/h; specific power consumption: 0.3 kW•h/m³
    3. ROSTOK - devices for synthesis of nitrogen fertilizers from nitrogen of air and salts which present diluted in water used for plant watering. The devices are used at greenhouse centers. Production rate: 100 to 1000 l/h; specific power consumption: 0.25 kW•h/m³
    4. ELF - devices generating a solution for hydrolysis of apple pomace for producing pectin. Production rate: 100 to 500 l/h; specific power consumption: 6 kW•h/m³
    5. DIEL are devices for desalination of mineralized water used for fresh water production from sea-water, as well as in processes of deep desalination (deionization) of water (in particular, in electronic industry). Production rate: 100 l/h; specific power consumption: 5 kW•h/m³. The device with production rate of 1000 l/h is under development.
    6. INFUSTAT are devices for contactless adjustment of pH and oxidation-reduction potential of medicines for drop infusion therapy. Their main field of application is oncology. Production rate: 0.3 to 1.5 l/h.
    7. HEMOSTAT is a medical device for electrochemical synthesis of electrochemically activated solutions from drinking water which are used for regulation of acid-base equilibrium and oxidation-reduction potential of internal environment through human skin.
    8. PYROSTERIL are devices for generation of deionized, sterile, apyrogenic water. Production rate: 20 l/h; specific power consumption:  7 kW•h/m³. The main field of application is pharmaceuticals.
    9. ENDOSTERIL is a device for cleaning and high level disinfection of flexible endoscopes. The main area of application - hospitals and healthcare centers. Cleaning of one endoscope takes 15 minutes.
    10. AQUAPOOL, ALLIGATOR - a family of devices for disinfection and adjustment of water parameters in swimming pools. Water is treated within a flow circuit, the volume of treated water ranges from  50 to 500 m³. Specific power consumption: 250 to 2500 W.
    11. AQUARIUS - a family of devices for water disinfection and adjustment of water parameters in cooling towers. Water is treated within a flow circuit, the volume of treated water ranges from 0.4 to 40 m³. Specific power consumption: 150 to 1500 W.
    12. HYPOCHLOR is a family of devices for generation of sodium hypochlorite solution (15% - 18%) from sodium chloride solution. Specific power consumption for sodium hypochlorite production does not exceed 3.5 kW•h/kg
    13. AQUATRON-50 is a class of devices for production of four types of products, depending on the need: an acidic oxidant solution produced by the AQUATRON-20 (AQUACHLOR), Anolyte ANK SUPER produced by the AQUATRON-05 (STEL-ANK-SUPER) devices, sodium hypochlorite solution produced by the AQUATRON-30, wet chlorine gas produced by the AQUATRON-25 (ECOCHLOR) devices, sodium hydroxide solution with a concentration of up to 20%. The class of AQUATRON-50 devices is represented by OXITRON-UNIVERSAL devices, intended for the army and the Ministry of Emergency Situations
    14. AQUATRON-55 is a class of devices for the production of a solution of hypochlorous acid with concentration from 5 to 30% from a solution of sodium chloride. Experimental models
    15. AQUATRON-60 is a class of devices for synthesis of persulfuric acid from a concentrated solution of sulfuric acid. Experimental models
    16. BAZEKS (AQUATRON-65) is a class of devices for regulating the oxidation-reduction potential of solutions for hemodialysis in order to ensure the biocompatibility of the dialysate solution in redox equilibrium.