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    Import substitution investment projects of the Institute

    07 Апреля 2022

    In early April 2022, the Scientific and Technical Council of Vitold Bakhir Institute approved proposals for three investment projects aimed at solving import substitution problems and developing fundamentally new breakthrough technologies in vital areas of activity for the state.

    Investment proposals for import substitution >>

    Detailed information on the topics of the above proposals can be obtained from the following sources:

    Monograph by V.M. Bakhir. Electrochemical activation: inventions, engineering, technology, 2014, 2021. >>

    The scientific supervisor of the projects is a Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Bahir V.M.

    Scientific biography of V.M. Bakhir >>

    Questions and suggestions should be sent to: vitold@bakhir.ru

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    18 Декабря 2021

    The book "ELECTROCHEMICAL ACTIVATION: INVENTIONS, SYSTEMS, TECHNOLOGY" ("Electrochemical activation: inventions, systems, technology"), authors Bakhir V.M., Panicheva S.A., Prilutsky V.I., Panichev V.G., M. 2021, was published. The demand for scientific data and applied information on electrochemical activation technology necessitated the second edition of the book in English. Indeed, in the GOOGLE search engine, when typing the words "electrochemical activation", there are 300 - 400 thousand links, when typing the same words in English – 30 – 40 million. The first edition of 2014 in the English version (2021) has undergone a number of changes and has been supplemented with a large amount of new information.

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    Anolyte ANK SUPER in COVID hospitals

    15 Декабря 2021

    STEL-ANK-SUPER devices are successfully used in hospitals with COVID-19. Anolyte ANK SUPER is used not only for current and focal disinfection, disinfection of surfaces, medical products and instruments, waste of class B and C, but also air and objects disinfection when spraying Anolyte ANK SUPER in "red" zones and sluices.

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    The Institute took part in the exhibition "Healthcare 2021"

    09 Декабря 2021

    The largest specialized exhibition "Healthcare-2021" held within the framework of the International Scientific and Practical Forum "Russian Health Week" has come to an end in Central exhibition complex Expocentre, where the Institute took part with disinfection technologies by Anolyte ANK SUPER and presented the STEL-ANK-SUPER and EMERALD-TURBO devices.

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    An article was published about the use of Anolyte ANK SUPER in the State Hospital № 52, converted into a COVID hospital

    01 Ноября 2021

    In the newspaper "Moscow Medicine", No. 41 (193) dated November 1, 2021, an article was published about the use of Anolyte ANK SUPER in the city hospital № 52: "In the city clinical hospital № 52 there is more than twenty years of experience in the use of anolyte-based disinfectants. ... At the moment, the clinic has 14 STEL devices of various types and performance. New generation devices were put into operation sequentially, the latest, the most effective, provides anolyte to a part of the departments of the surgical building. The capacity allows to produce up to 200 thousand liters of ready-made solution per month (about 3000 tons per year), which provides about 80 % of the hospital's need for disinfectants."

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    The EMERALD-UNIVERSAL-TURBO device has been developed

    18 Июля 2021

    The IZUMRUD-UNIVERSAL-TURBO-700 device with a capacity of 300 to 700 liters per hour for purified water implements the EM-TURBO technology, which consists in using the effect of mixing a gas-liquid medium synthesized in one or more MB electrochemical cells with the entire flow of purified water from specially prepared aqueous solutions of electrolytes. The passive stages of EM-TURBO technology are filtration, flotation and related processes of coagulation, flocculation, hydrate formation, oxidation, sediment formation and sorption.

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    The AQUATRON-15-500 device for the dairy industry has been developed and implemented.

    01 Февраля 2021

    An industrial device AQUATRON-15-500 was developed and implemented to produce anolyte and catholyte of fresh and distilled water for use in the dairy industry in the technological process on the basis of successful experiments conducted at the enterprise a year earlier with a laboratory sample of such a device.

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    New electrochemical elements MB-11T-S012 and MB-11T-S011 have been developed

    30 Сентября 2020

    New electrochemical elements MB-11T-S012 and MB-11T-S011 have been developed, differing from the previous ones in standard sizes and design features, designed to work in low-mineralized environments.

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    The OXITRON-2500E devices in the technology of underground borehole leaching of uranium.

    31 Августа 2020

    Industrial tests of the OXITRON-2500E devices for use in the technology of underground borehole leaching of uranium are continuing. The current passing through the reactor is 2500 amperes, the capacity of the device is 5 cubic meters per hour. The development of the device was preceded by R&D with the manufacture and testing of a laboratory model for the production of sulfuric acid.

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    We participate in the exhibition "ECWATECH-2020" in Crocus Expo from September 8 to 10, 2020. Come!

    04 Августа 2020

    We invite you to visit our stand 8F8.8 at the 14th International exhibition ECWATECH-2020 "Water: ecology and technology". The Vitold Bakhir Institute will present modern electrochemical technologies and devices AQUACHLOR, STEL, IZUMRUD,

    The exhibition will be held from September 8 to 10, 2020 at the Crocus Expo exhibition center. Learn more at https://www.ecwatech.ru/en-gb.html

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