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  • ECA systems AQUACHLOR


    AQUACHLOR devices are designed to produce from a solution of sodium chloride solution of oxidants or chlorine gas on an industrial scale at the site of application.

    The devices with capacities of 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700 and 3000 g / h are produced.

    AQUACHLOR (AQUATRON-20) devices are used for water disinfection in industry and housing and communal services or for the safe production of chlorine for use in technological cycles of various industries - military, paper industry, metallurgy, etc. AQUACHLOR devices are manufactured in accordance with the patents of the Russian Federation No. 2088693, 2270885, 2176989, 2350692, the USA - 7,897,023.

    AQUACHLOR-3000 device, model 2016

    Characteristics of operation of AQUACHLOR-3000 device (provides disinfection up to 72 000 m3 per day of water)

    Technical parameters and operations AQUACHLOR-3000
    Productivity for oxidants (in terms of chlorine) when operating in nominal mode, g/h 3 000
    Productivity for caustic soda, g/h 3 400
    The yield of catholyte (18% NaOH aqueous solution), l/h 19
    Consumed electric power, kW 10
    Nominal parameters of power supply 1,8
    Current strength, A 2 400
    Voltage, V 4,4
    Overall dimensions of the device (HxWxD), mm 1750х600х400
    Weight, kg 95
    Salt consumption (sodium chloride), kg/h 5,4
    Salt consumption in solution (270 – 300 g/l), l/h 20 - 18
    Cleaning of the device reactor Automatically
    The ability to connect to external power supplies of various types Yes
    Monitoring the parameters of the device operation Automatically, continuously

    The use in new models of AQUATRON-20 devices of electrochemical elements with high volumetric current density allows to increase productivity by final products three times while maintaining the previous energy consumption and overall dimensions of the devices.

    AQUACHLOR devices are designed for obtaining from sodium chloride solution electrochemically activated highly effective concentrated solutions:

    • Disinfecting agent - a solution of a mixture of oxidants, represented by wet chlorine, hypochlorous acid, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydroperoxide oxidants, with a concentration of up to 600 g/h in the equivalent of active chlorine;

    • Washing and coagulating reagent - caustic soda solution - sodium hydroxide solution with a concentration of 180-190 g/l.

    In the AQUACHLOR devices a fundamentally new process of electrochemical decomposition of salt solution is realized: ion selective electrolysis with a diaphragm.

    AQUACHLOR devices are a new generation of compact, economical, high-performance, safe, environmentally friendly, durable and easy-to-use electrochemical systems with the following capabilities:

    • the degree of salt conversion is 99.5%;
    • 1 kg of oxidants in the equivalent of molecular chlorine consumes no more than 1.8 kg of salt and no more than 3.0 kWh of electricity;
    • automatic reagentless cleaning of electrochemical reactors;
    • automatic maintenance of a specified concentration of oxidants in disinfected water.

    The oxidant solution is functionally analogous to chlorine water and is intended for water disinfection in accordance with the known technology of chlorine water application using all methods and means to control the disinfection process. Block-modular design of the devices allows to produce systems of any capacity in production premises of various configurations - no design and special construction and installation work is required, chlorine tanks are simply replaced with AQUACHLOR devices without changing the chlorinator's hydraulic circuit.

    Absolute safety of AQUACHLOR devices and oxidant solution is confirmed by Rospotrebnadzor and Rostekhnadzor - there is no free volume of chlorine; all chlorine produced dissolves in water together with other products of anodic oxidation of sodium chloride solution - ozone, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, forming a solution of oxidants whose disinfecting activity is much higher than that of chlorine gas and many times higher than sodium hypochlorite.

    Six iAQUACHLOR-500M devices provide disinfection of 80 000 cubic meters of water per day at the paper mill, 2012.

    Fields of application:

    • disinfection and water purification at drinking water supply stations,
    • disinfection of domestic, industrial and agricultural wastewater,
    • disinfection and purification of water in swimming pools, baths, saunas,
    • decontamination of wastewater from medical institutions, including tuberculosis clinics,
    • disinfection of water in systems of circulating cooling water supply for enterprises of the energy complex, chemical and metallurgical industries,
    • disinfection of water in technological cycles of industrial enterprises, including food industry enterprises,
    • disinfection of medical waste before disposal,
    • disinfection of water in open water areas.