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  • ECA systems IZUMRUD

    IZUMRUD devices:

    IZUMRUD devices (AQUATRON-01) is a class of devices for purification of fresh drinking water, the technological scheme of water purification in which is based on direct electrochemical effect on the water to be purified in the diaphragm modular electrochemical elements MB. A distinctive feature of IZUMRUD devices from other known water purification devices is that after treatment in IZUMRUD devices purified water acquires an oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) characterizing the activity of electrons in water close to the ORP of the internal environment of the human body (from minus 150 to minus 300 mV).

    The use of new-type electrochemical MB elements makes it possible to increase the efficiency of water purification by 30-50 %% and to ensure the production of IZUMRUD (AQUATRON-01) devices with an expanded range of productivity from 10 to 500 liters per hour in comparison with 40-60 liters per hour in known models. Also, in IZUMRUD devices (AQUATRON-01) equipped with electrochemical MB elements with a high volumetric current density, a deeper degree of water purification from antibiotics, antidepressants, hormones, pesticides and other organic compounds is provided, that cannot be destroyed and removed in existing municipal drinking water purification systems.

    IZUMRUD devices are manufactured in accordance with the patents of the Russian Federation No. 2038322, 2038323, 2056364, 2090517, 2091320, 2096337, 2040477, 2149835, 2207982, 2322395, 2322394, 2350692, UK patents No. 2 253 860, 2 257 982, certificates of utility models RF No. 3599, 3600, 3601. The first IZUMRUD devices appeared on the Russian market in 1991.

    Serial devices IZUMRUD-REDOX for home to get small volume of water (productivity is 40-60 l/h).

    IZUMRUD devices under and over the sink.

    IZUMRUD devices are usually installed in flats near the lines of pressurized domestic and drinking water supply, mainly in the kitchen, over or under the sink. The drainage line of the device is connected to a common sewerage branch pipe or drained to the sink.

    IZUMRUD devices are used to produce at home from ordinary tap water physiologically useful drinking water with antioxidant properties, the so-called "living water", purified from microbes and microbial toxins, heavy metal ions and harmful organic compounds. The constant use of antioxidant water in the composition of a normal diet has a beneficial effect on the body.

    Household IZUMRUD devices are designed for post-treatment of water from centralized water supply systems, have a capacity of 40 to 60 liters per hour. Specific energy consumption for water purification in domestic devices does not exceed 1 W/l.

    Installation above the sink

    Installation under the sink

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    6 purification stages
    Water ORP reduction, mV: -150..-550
    Dimensions, mm: 140 х 353 х 121


    4 purification stages
    Water ORP reduction, mV: -150..-350
    Dimensions, mm: 373 х 375 х 86

    Coolers IZUMRUD-REDOX for home and office

    Another group of devices of this class is represented by coolers under the general name IZUMRUD-REDOX. These devices provide protection of water in the cooler's tanks from microbiological contamination, and also give the water antioxidant properties (reduce oxidation-reduction potential) directly in the process of filling the glasses with cold or hot water. Used at home and in offices with a relatively small need for clean drinking water.

    Cooler type IZUMRUD-REDOX devices

    Devices by request to get big volume of water (100 – 50 000 l/h) for water treatment in cottages and villages

    Connection to the drinking water supply line, capacity 300 – 500 l/h

    The third group of devices, IZUMRUD-REDOX-M, is represented by dispensers that are connected to the drinking water supply line and are designed to provide with pure antioxidant drinking water kindergartens, schools, hospitals, hotels and other objects with high volume consumption of drinking water.

    IZUMRUD devices for cottages and for use in emergency areas have a capacity of 300 to 500 liters per hour with a specific electricity consumption of more than 4 W / l and provide high-quality water purification (including removal of excess of  iron and manganese) from surface or underground water sources.

    IZUMRUD-REDOX-M devices

    Purification of fresh water from wells and surface water sources

    IZUMRUD-K is a new class of devices for purification of fresh water from wells or surface water sources from iron, manganese, organic impurities, including microorganisms and microbial toxins, by introducing into the water treated a freshly received solution of oxidants - products of anodic oxidation of water or water-salt solution followed by filtration of water through a quartz charge for effective heterophase catalytic purification. Devices of this type are used for water purification in cottages and settlements with hourly water consumption from 500 to 50 000 liters per hour.

    Groups of devices of this class similar of the technological scheme differ by a method of production and a method of introduction of oxidant solutions, as well as by technological scheme of water purification - a two-stage (with storage capacity and constant parameters of the oxidant dosing system) and a single-stage (without storage tank and with the introduction of oxidant solution at a rate, proportional to water consumption).

    AQUATRON-02 devices

    IZUMRUD device for mobile military units, 350 l/h

    IZUMRUD device for mobile military units, 350 l/h

    IZUMRUD device and auxiliary systems in the car body

    IZUMRUD-B devices by order for obtaining large volumes of water (from 500 l/h) for bottling water for food industry enterprises

    IZUMRUD devices of industrial applications series for bottling of water are designed to meet the individual requirements of the customer.

    IZUMRUD-S devices by order for producing of large volumes (from 500 l/h) of water with pronounced functional properties for further use in technological cycles of food enterprises. *

    * It is carried out only by the Institute under the contract for R&D.

    The technology of producing clean disinfected water with pronounced functional properties, realized in IZUMRUD devices, can be successfully applied in various technologies of the non-alcoholic and alcohol industry, as well as the food industry.

    The unique experience accumulated over several decades of successful work of the Institute's staff as well as the know-how and knowledge of applied fields allows successfully to apply existing closed technologies or develop new technologies according to the needs of customers. Using our technologies of application of ECA solutions with various properties allows us to obtain a qualitatively new product or improve the characteristics of the existing product, which gives undeniable competitive advantages.

    IZUMRUD-S devices