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    We solve many technological problems of enterprises in all spheres of industry, agriculture, medicine, housing and communal services, improve the sanitary and epidemiological situation in enterprises (CIP-washing, disinfection), improve the quality of the product, reduce energy consumption, improve technical and economic indicators of technological cycles of enterprises, provide environmentally friendly solutions to the work of enterprises and much more.

    An individual qualitative approach to the needs and problems of each enterprise is ensured by the fact that the Vitold Bakhir Institute employs leading specialists and experts in the field of electrochemical activation under the scientific direction of Vitold Bakhir. The unique knowledge base and many years of experience in the field of electrochemical activation make it possible not only to produce electrochemical systems, but also to develop new electrochemical devices and technologies.

    In addition to the production of serial electrochemical devices, the Institute carries out the following activities

    1. The Institute conducts research and development work on the creation of new technologies and technique, as well as innovative products using the technology of electrochemical activation - ECA. More details >>
    2. The Institute provides investment projects on the basis of already existing electrochemical technologies and devices or newly created for a specific project to increase output of products, expand product range, improve product quality, reduce production costs and ensure environmental solutions and socially responsible business. More details >>
    3. The Institute trains specialists of companies registered in the Institute for a qualified and high-quality presentation of electrochemical activation technology and its effective promotion in all areas of human activities. More details >>