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Research effort on zinc extraction from waste bank of metallurgical works was finished

30 Мая 2011

It is investigated that degree of zinc and some precious metals extraction from blast-furnace slag by using of electrochemically activated anolyte of HCl can reach 99,1 – 99,6 %%, that shows this technology as a good perspective for investment. Далее

Vitold Bakhir Institute will participate in water and wastewater technology exhibition ECWATECH-2012

10 Апреля 2011

There will be presented electrochemical devices AQUACHLOR-M, EMERALD-REDOX, STEL-ANK-PRO-M, STEL-ANK-ANK-SUPER, STEL-UNIVERSAL and STEL-PEROX as well as commodity solutions – Catholyte from AQUACHLOR-M device, Anolyte ANK of third generation and some other electrochemically activated solutions. Далее

Questions of intellectual property protection were discussed at Scientific and technical council of the Institute

11 Марта 2011

It was decided to make changes to the Articles of the Institute concerning giving of new scientific and technical information to the companies registered in the Institute as well as access restriction to information for companies, which have no confidential agreement with the Institute. Далее

New technology of Anolyte ANK production was examined at Scientific and technical council of the Institute

19 Янвваря 2011

Besides a question of registration of new companies in the Institute Register it was discussed principal basis of production of Anolyte ANK of new generation. Далее

Scientific conference «Electrochemical activation-2010» dated for fifth anniversary of Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies Institute successfully was held in Moscow from 25

10 Ноября 2010

Professor, DSc, V.M. Bakhir is giving masterclass on the technology of straw saccharification using electrochemically activated solutions produced by ECA devices of new generation. Далее

International conference "Electrochemical activation-2010" take place in Moscow 25-27 of October, 2010

22 Июня 2010

International conference "Electrochemical activation-2010" take place in Moscow 25-27 of October, 2010. The anniversary conference dates to fifth anniversary of Electrochemical Systems and Technology Institute foundation. Далее

New Instruction on application of the oxidants solution and catholyte produced in AQUACHLOR devices is approved

19 Мая 2009


Application of AQUACHLOR devices for on-site generation of the oxidants solution is officially declared by Rostechnadzor (Russian Technical Inspection) as a safe production

14 Мая 2009

In accordance with the Conclusion # Х125-09-01 dated 23 rd April 2009 the on-site application of AQUACHLOR devices at chlorination buildings of VOB 1, VOB 3 and OSK types is not referred to hazardous production. Далее

The article of Vitold Bakhir DISINFECTION OF DRINKING WATER: ANALYSIS AND PROSPECTS is published in the magazine “Drinking water”

30 Июля 2007

The article of Vitold bakhir – Disinfection of drinking water: analysis and prospects – is published in a section WATER QUALITY in the magazine “Drinking water”, # 3 May – June 2007. Далее

Articles about STEL devices of new generation are published in the magazine "Medizinsky Alfavit" (Medical Alphabet)

13 Июня 2007

Articles series about STEL devices of new generation - STEL-ANK, STEL-PEROX, STEL-ANK-PRO with detailed description of its possibilities and advantages are published in the magazine Medical Alphabet: STEL devices : history and new horizons. Далее